Frequently asked questions

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Who can submit a project?

We’re looking for community groups, organisations, schools and charities that need a helping hand.   

What types of projects will Closed for Good be doing?

We’ll be supporting a wide range of projects that benefit communities across NZ. This includes projects for community groups, sports clubs, schools, not-for-profit organisations or similar. Whatever you need a hand with, let us know. Don’t forget we can help with plenty of things – from painting walls and planting gardens, to skilled help or delivering financial literacy workshops. If you have something that needs doing, let us know.  

How many volunteers can I request and how many hours can they volunteer for?

You can request any number of volunteers but each person requires a minimum of 7 hours work on the project so please take this into consideration when specifying the number of volunteers you need. Remember, if there aren’t enough volunteers to fill the project it may not go ahead, so please have a good think about how many helping hands you’ll need.

What are the key dates?

Dates will be confirmed around April 2018

What is a financial literacy workshop?

Our volunteers can help your community be good with money by presenting workshops on setting money goals, budgeting, saving, helping kids be good with money, being scam savvy, and dealing with debt. These workshops are fun and accessible for all audiences. 

When will I know that my project submission has been successful?

All projects need to go through an approval process. Once it is approved it will be published on our volunteer website so our BNZ volunteers can select a project. If all the positions for your project are filled we will contact you to tell you the good news.

What happens if there aren’t enough volunteers for my project?

We will do our very best to attract the required number of volunteers to your project but unfortunately there are some cases where this is not possible. It will mostly depend on the type of work that you need done and where you are located. We’ll contact you to tell you whether your project has been successful.

Are all projects accepted?

BNZ reserves the right to decline any projects deemed unsuitable for Closed for Good. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

How do I make a change to my project submission?

Changes to your submitted project can be made by emailing your changes to the Closed for Good team at  

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